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Engineering Services
Advanced Generator Monitor

When it comes to power system design, commissioning and trouble-shooting it is essential to consider that codes and standards are often not enough.  From system start-up, to peak load through to shut down, insuring components of a system are performing together as intended is crucial when preventing or identifying the source of a problem.

Arbutus West's partner, Acacia Power Solutions specializes in power system analysis and component inter-operability.  Using their proprietary analysis software PowerLens™, they work efficiently with existing teams to bring clarity to prevention and solution engineering. 


The Advanced Generator Monitor was co-developed by Arbutus West and Acacia to answer the market's need for a real-time condition monitoring system.  Unlike other limited monitoring systems, AGM looks beyond just one component of a power generation system and delivers real-time, data rich monitoring that delivers full spectrum visibility into your facility's power quality.