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Represented Manufacturers

Dry Transformers

Rex Power Magnetics, a division of Transfactor Industries, is a privately held Canadian company established in 1972 and headquartered in Concord, Ontario Canada. Rex offers one of the broadest ranges of dry type power magnetic products to both North American, and international markets.  Rex is a competitive, innovative and technically skilled manufacturer of high quality dry type transformers.


  • All transformers manufactured in Canada

  • CSA Certified, UL Listed and ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing and testing facility in Concord ON.

  • Power Transformers up to 15 MVA and 46.0 kV

  • Cast Coil and VPE/VPI Design

  • Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

  • Distribution Transformers

  • Reactors

  • Autotransformers

  • Control and Machine Tool Transformers

  • Custom Applications/Engineering

  • Mine Duty

  • Rental Duty

  • raction Power

  • Hazardous Locations

  • Retrofit (Tri-plex transformers)

Switchgear, MCC’s, E-houses (PCR Rooms) and more

Powell has over 70 years of experience with manufacturing facilities and service centers worldwide. Powell specializes in the full project execution of complex electrical solutions where critical power applications demand a safe and reliable supply. With engineering, manufacturing and servicing for all product lines including:


  • Electrical Buildings (PCR®)

  • 600V to 38kV Air Insulated Switchgear

  • Metal-Clad or Arc Resistant (up to Type 2C)

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • DC Switchgear

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Metal-Clad or Arc Resistant

  • Cable Bus

  • Segregated & Non-Segregated

  • Iso-phase Bus

  • Advanced Automation Systems & Technology

  • Condition Based Monitoring

  • Preventative Maintenance Technologies

Powell’s Acheson (Edmonton), Alberta Facility is a 400,000 ft2 manufacturing facility - Canada’s largest switchgear and E-House manufacturing plant.


Powerside is a leading Canadian manufacturer of high-end  Low & Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filters. Their products are designed to significantly and efficiently improve Power Factor and mitigate Harmonics on electrical networks where sensitive and automated equipment is in function.


They offer a wide range of products and solutions thoroughly designed by their highly qualified team of expert engineers. Their products are tailored to meet today’s requirements in industries, commercial and institutions.


The growing trend to move towards advanced technologies like Intelligent Systems, Energy Efficient upgrades and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is leading to an escalation of Power Quality concerns.

Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Mitigation

Properly detecting Power Quality issues allows companies to proactively correct their network, thus saving them number of hassles and unnecessary money spending, such as:

·         Productivity loss

·         Equipment damage

·         Shorter equipment life cycle

·         Higher operational costs


Thanks to their Detection Program and equipment, along with their electrical bill analysis service, Powerside also provides a large spectrum of data reading and analysis, allowing to target specific correction and filtering needs.



All our energy, in your power
Oregon-Power LOGO.png

The team at Oregon Power has over 110 years of combined experience in designing, building, and servicing liquid-filled transformers. Our well-qualified team is ready to support your projects from inception to installation.  


Oregon Power offers competitive designs from small Padmounts to large Power transformers and everything in between. We have the expertise to help you design your project to minimize overall cost guarantee a seamless installation at the job site.

Oil Filled Transformers
Padmount Transformers​
  • Available in sizes from 75 kVA to 7500kVA

  • High voltages through 34.5 kV (delta or wye)

  • Low voltages through 15 kV (delta or wye)

  • Frequency – 60 HZ

  • 65° C temperature rise – ONAN

  • Aluminum or copper windings

Power Transformers​
  • Available in sizes from 5 mVA to 100 mVA

  • High voltages through 138 kV (delta or wye)

  • Low voltages through 15 kV (delta or wye)

  • Frequency – 60 HZ

  • 65° C temperature rise – ONAN

  • Aluminum or copper windings

Load Banks

For over 28 years, Loadtec has been a full-line manufacturer of quality, reliable and industry leading load banks.  Loadtec brings the knowledge and support to meet the most demanding specification and deliver product solutions




  • Resistive

  • Resistive / Reactive

  • Inductive

  • Free Standing

  • Portable - Skid / Caster / Container

    • Trailer Mounted

    • Amour-Coated Trailer

    • Torsional Axles & Independent Suspension

  • DOT & NHTSA Compliant

  • Radiator Mounted

  • NEMA 3R Weatherproof Protection

  • Manual & Digital Control Options

  • TouchCommand® Controller

    • Touch Screen

    • Programmable

    • Portable

    • Intelligent Networking Control™

Heavy-industrial AC & DC UPS Solutions & Services

Founded in 1946, and after the construction of the first industrial UPS system in 1966, Gutor Electronic comes with more than 50 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing & servicing robust and highly reliable industrial AC and DC UPS solutions with a design life of 20 years and more. Every step of a Gutor UPS system’s lifecycle, from pre-sales and design through final testing and after-sales service, is custom-tailored to meet any customer’s specific needs.

Thousands of high-quality Gutor UPS systems are installed in nearly every heavy-industrial setup, and in all parts of the world, including the oil & gas sector, petrochemicals, nuclear, power generation, mining, minerals and metals, transportation, desalination, chemical, and related industries. As a leader in the field of UPS engineering, and with more than 500 employees around the globe, Gutor is a trusted advisor and consultant in any secure power belonging, and ensures safety, security, and business continuity in the most demanding environments.

  • Heavy-industrial AC UPS systems with PFC rectifier technology

  • Heavy-industrial AC UPS systems with thyristor-controlled rectifier and IGBT-PWM inverter

  • Heavy-industrial inverter systems with IGBT-PWM technology

  • Heavy-industrial DC UPS systems with thyristor-controlled rectifiers

  • Installation & commissioning services

  • Customer trainings

  • Spare parts over the entire design life of 20 years +

  • Battery & inspection services

  • Gutor has been part of Schneider Electric since 2007 and has its head office in Wettingen, Switzerland. More than 100.000 ft2 assembly & storage area, and nearly 40 test stations contribute to a UPS system output capacity of more than 2500 systems per year. Thanks to Gutor’s in-house R&D and its experienced quality departments, a Gutor UPS system never compromises on quality and reliability.

surge pure.jpg
Industrial Surge Protection

SurgePure offers industrial non-degrading surge

protection that is backed with a lifetime warranty.

You won’t be left second guessing if you are protected

or not with SurgePure premium ‘single-element’

surge protection systems.

  • Highest Surge Capacities

  • Unique ‘single-element’ design

  • Thermal Control Circuitry

  • Service Entrances up to 4MW

  • Cleans the Power 24/7

  • Extends all Equipment Life

  • Removes Surges, Spikes & Transients

  • Less Downtime and Costly Interruptions

Motor Controls

Sprecher + Schuh Controls are industry leaders in providing IEC control components for industrial applications. Their innovative product line includes a wide array of industrial motor control products, including general and definite purpose contactors, overload relays, motor circuit controllers, disconnect switches and pilot devices

  • Contactors

  • Relays

  • Starters

  • Buttons

  • Beacons

Power System Software

The EasyPower product suite delivers a full lineup of powerful Windows®-based electrical software tools for intelligently designing, analyzing, and monitoring electrical power systems. With the fastest processing speeds on the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous, accurate results to help you make more intelligent decisions.

Power System specialists

Power System and generator application specialists with strong technical integration capabilites tosupply Equipment to suit your industrial power requirements, offering:

  • Load Bank Rental & Sales

  • Power System Analysis

  • Equipment Application experience

  • Custom Software Development

  • Large Equipment and Major Power Component intgration capabilitis

Custom Software, Engineering Services

Acacia specializes in the finer details of electrical theory and equipment inter-operability and have perfected the technology and methodology of capturing power issues in real-time.   This ability to see an electrical issue manifest on-screen is integral in understanding how the system creates the problem, and is essential in delivering solutions that work. 

Industrial Power Solutions
If you are a Manufacturer of Industrial Power Equipment looking for professional market representation contact us to learn more about how we can help you.